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2017 Elementary Spelling Bee

Westwood Elementary Spelling Bees


    The 20th annual Westwood Spelling Bees were held on May 10, 2017, in the auditorium.  All Westwood students in grades one through six were eligible to compete in their respective classrooms.  The classrooms then advanced three students, with one alternate, to the final competitions.  Words used in the spelling bees were selected from Eaton’s True Blue Speller.  Medals, a big cookie and supper at Longhorn Steakhouse was awarded to the top three spellers in each division.  In addition, all contestants received a bookmark from the Sloan Library that they may present to the library for a prize.     


Contestants in the 5th/6th Grade division were:


5th Grade-Terry                5th Grade-Burkhart

Nate MacClure                  Jordan Shull

Taylor Steinhoff                Joseph Gengler

Jayna Tucker                     Logan Bata


6th Grade-Fischer                6th Grade-Kell                

Trinton Haptonstall            Roxanna Angulo

Krista McKenna                 Alexxa Ham

Arianna Stevens                 Tristan Lopez           


    After 20 rounds, the following students pictured left to right were announced the 5th/6th Grade winners:  2nd Place-Jordan Shull; 3rd Place-Alexxa Ham and 1st Taylor Steinhoff.


Contestants in the 3rd/4th Grade division were:


3rd Grade-Jordening                3rd Grade-Collins

Dawson Lamprecht                Donnie Nance

Isabella Lendt                         Louis Holdgrafer

​Aydan Limoges                        Kennedy Kaufman



4th Grade-Malloy                4th Grade-Olson

Jack Clayton                         Elijah Duffy

Delaney Lopez                    Gavin Hartigan

Madison Struble                 Megan Livingston


    After 20 rounds, the following students pictured left to right were announced the 3rd/4th Grade winners: 2nd Place-Elijah Duffy; 3rd Place-Megan Livingston; and 1st Place-Madison Struble


Contestants in the 1st/2nd Grade division were:  


1st Grade-Collenbaugh            1st Grade-Murphy

Jaycie Prichard                        Holly Skinner

Graceyn Winegardner            Own Lockridge

Briella Dewald                        Lanie Haveman


2nd Grade-Hanson                2nd Grade-Jorgensen

Caleb Bockelmann                Cassidy Loonsfoot

Lauren Burkhart                   Lauren Holverson

Bella Hilts                               Aaden Hunter


    After 8 rounds, the following students pictured left to right were announced the 1st/2nd Grade winners:  3rd Place-Holly Skinner; 2nd Place- Aaden Hunter; and 1st Place- Cassidy Loonsfoot.


    First place winners are eligible to compete at the Iowa State Fair Spelling Bee in August 2016. Judges for this year’s spelling bees were Julie Haindfield, Donna Habinck, and Tami Coil. Bev Weikel pronounced the words in all three divisions.  Congratulations to our contestants and winners!